who we are

Armin Stadelmann
I was born on 09.02.1973. Since September 2012 I am a single father of 2 sons (10.07.2008, 10.12.2002). During my break-up I experienced and experienced that it is absolutely necessary to
Ruedi Würgler
Ruedi Würgler, 3.7.65, management consultant risk management and municipal team member, active in the regional association of municipalities v. 26 municipalities, developers, verh. 2 boys,
Walter Hilfiker
Walter Hilfiker, born 1948, Aquarius. Architect TU, managing small professional associations, dipl. in business and safety and security specialist VSSU, pensioner, mother language: German; foreign

What we appreciate

  • Human rights, children's rights (CRC) and the fundamental rights of the Federal Constitution: they protect a respectful life for people living in Switzerland.

  • People who work for others without self-interest, so that every person living in Switzerland can develop.

  • Honest personalities, who reveal a part of their life and also concede a valuable life to their counterparts.

Our visions

  • A society that does not just hand over its responsibility to professionals, but that uses and helps one another to live together well.

  • A jurisdiction that recognizes and applies human rights, children's rights and fundamental rights as the highest good.

  • A policy that creates the balancing act between the economically powerful and the general population, even for the "less important inhabitants" profitably.