Case Management

Global solutions to conflicts and overwork, families / children / authorities

Problems in the legal system with persons, families and children in connection with authorities, separations and difficult life situations, are usually not alone a legal problem. They require a holistic view and appreciation of all participants in order to show a path to a solution together with as little effort as possible and also to set time goals.

In addition to legal knowledge, experts from the socio-pedagogical, psychological, psychiatric, medical, therapeutic, pedagogical, economic, fiduciary, journalistic, media, political, translation and mediation fields can also be involved in finding a solution , This holistic approach, together with the authorities involved, can lead to efficient and sustainable solutions to the conflicts. It is necessary to define the most necessary and to put a controlling over the implementation, so that in time influence can be taken and the goals are reached as fast as possible. At most, immediate measures must be taken in case of hazards. But they must not create a prejudice and should not be delayed.

Every case is different. It is an art experience to use one case for another without falling into the trap of prejudice. Also, the pursuit of perfection must not be pursued. It is a reasonable level of social ability to strive for.